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Tredium Solutions was founded to provide claims adjudication and related services to PBMs, Health Plans, CMS Programs, and other entities nationwide. Our developers, engineers, and managers have decades of experience building, implementing, and servicing pharmacy benefit management claims software systems to serve the entire spectrum of the industry.  


By taking advantage of the latest proven technologies, Tredium built an extremely fast, flexible, and scalable PBM claims processing system that is highly customizable.  The Tredium PBM claims platform is web-based and utilizes Cloud technology for maximum access, reliability, and security.  Our unique Microservices Architecture allows the system to quickly and efficiently integrate with any application or vendor that our customers would need to use.  


All Tredium products were built to be completely white labeled. Our customers can add their own in-house PBM logo and color scheme to Tredium’s PBM claims system to increase branding awareness and dovetail with their corporate initiatives.


As information storage is increasing at an exponential rate, data security must be the primary focus of any technology company, particularly a PBM claims platform.  As such, Tredium has implemented multiple strategies in order to ensure that your data is never at risk.  By utilizing Google Cloud, we are able to take advantage of a broad array of proven features and use them to form an incredibly strong foundation for Tredium’s PBM claims technology. 


Tredium’s goal is to be a strong and capable technology partner for all our customers.  To that end, we bring our highly experienced IT professionals together with seasoned managers to build customized, innovative solutions for our customers.  In addition to our superior PBM Claims Adjudication Software, Tredium also offers Pharmacy Network Design Services, Rebate Aggregation Services, Prior Authorization Software, Formulary, and other white label services. 

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