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Our goal at Tredium is to tailor our technology, resources and support in ways that allow our clients to establish the PBM program best suited to their evolving needs.  


Customer-Driven Advancement

In recognition of the fast-changing prescription benefit management environment, Tredium continually enhances, updates, and strengthens our systems to meet the growing needs of our customers. We constantly review marketplace trends and changes to provide our customers with the most advanced PBM technology available.


In addition, Tredium works closely with our customers to quickly develop, test, and implement new products which allow them to more effectively compete and win new business.

Leading-edge technology | Fast, customer-driven development | Unmatched Excellence


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PBM Claims Adjudication

Developed by PBM and software industry experts, Tredium's web-based adjudication software supports virtually limitless plan design options and is private-labeled for each individual client.  

Pharmacy Network
Design Services

Tredium's Network Team works with each client to identify the ideal arrangement to meet access and cost containment goals.  Choose an off-the-shelf national or restricted network, or we'll customize access based on your priorities.

Rebate Aggregation

Aggressive negotiations with manufacturers on behalf of our clients, allows us to provide flexible, transparent and, most importantly, highly-competitive rebate guarantees for virtually any formulary type.

In-House PBM Support

Our PBM support services are partner-based; customized based on the scale of support needed by each client, Tredium's team is always available to make sure your PBM program succeeds.

Medicare Claims

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