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Robust Technology For Customized PBM Support

Why Tredium?

End-To-End Solution Customization

Tredium offers back-end services to run your PBM program, in customizable packages to fit your specific needs.  Choose from any of our available services including, but not limited to, advanced PBM adjudication software, network development and maintenance, rebate contracting, formulary administration and any other services to complete your in-house PBM offering. 

Advanced Cloud-based Technology

Tredium implements of the latest technologies to build a fast, highly flexible, and fully customizable system to serve the entire prescription benefits management spectrum. The web-based system utilizes cloud technology for maximum reliability, scalability, and security. Built with ease-of-access in mind, the system’s flexibility and advanced technology ensures that data is accepted and provided in an intuitive, straight-forward format.

High-Touch Support

We understand that customization and advancement are useless if they aren't backed by a knowledgeable, helpful staff that is ready and willing to offer support at a moment's notice.  

Unparalleled Experience

Our developers, engineers, and managers have decades of experience building, implementing, and servicing PBM claims software systems to serve the entire spectrum of the pharmacy benefit management industry. 


Your partner in
claims processing

We understand that consistency, innovation and support are crucial elements in building a reputation of service excellence; the Tredium brand is built on these tenets  and our commitment  to client success.  Tredium has amassed the experience, technology and work-flow expertise to offer our comprehensive suite of claim processing and PBM services without compromising your ability to maintain and build a reputation of advanced, client-centric solution availability. 

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