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Tredium Solutions:
Setting The New Standard
in PBM Claims Processing

Adjudication | Network | Rebates | PBM Support

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Experience makes the difference

The developers, engineers, and executives at Tredium have decades of experience building, implementing, and servicing PBM claims software systems to serve the entire spectrum of the pharmacy benefit management industry.  Contact us today to find out more.


A PBM claims processing platform that is fully customizable and brandable to meet the needs of any customer

Balance access and affordability with national, select and custom pharmacy network options. 

Established manufacturer relationships allow us to negotiate highly-competitive rebate returns on our open, restricted and customizable formularies.

A la carte, white label services help entities fill the gap in their in-house PBM needs

Highly advanced plan functionality, automated restacking process and streamlined PDE workflow

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At Tredium, we take advantage of the latest technologies to build the fastest, most flexible, and most advanced system available.   Our platform is fully brandable for your organization, offers API interface capabilities for seamless integration with your website, reporting, etc. and a virtually limitless set of plan design options.

Tredium's web-based, real-time PBM claims platform utilizes cloud technology for maximum reliability, scalability, and security - providing access via computer, tablet, or hand-held device without software installation; creating an option that is not only convenient to access, but also one that ensures system enhancements and updates are processed as soon as they are released.

Unprecedented convenience.
Impeccable Reliability.

Tredium's Advanced PBM Technology Platform

Web-based Microservices Technology

Isolated Cloud Environment


Real-Time API Integration

Unmatched Physical & Operational Security

Industry Leading Uptime

Who We Serve

Tredium has a solution to meet the claims processing and prescription management needs of virtually any client, regardless of size, industry or perceived barriers.    If you're wondering "Can Tredium help?" the answer is probably "Yes!" Contact us today to find out more!


Managed Care Organizations

Medicare Part D Programs

Health &
Employer Plans

LTC Pharmacy Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans

Hospice Pharmacy Programs

State Medicaid Programs

Workers Comp Programs

Are you ready to learn how Tredium Solutions can ensure your future success?

Take advantage of Tredium's expertise in all aspects of pharmacy benefit technology by contacting us for more information

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